All about the little things

There was this little moment today and it made me so happy in a way that nothing gift wrapped could,
A little girl waiting on the train looked at me top down, looked back up again and started smiling,
And so as everyone would do I smiled back and said hello there little un,
She replied to me I like you shoe stains,
And she ment some Orange stain I once got on my all-stars but the sweet sound of her voice and that laugh made it a like a huge compliment to me,
And so as I was thinking it over in the train,
I figured maybe that is what it is all about,
The little things,
Like the smell of fresh coffee and Bread,
The sun shining or the wonderful sound of a storm, 
A stranger that Greets you or flowers in spring,
Someone that tells you you're beautiful and birds that sing,
Maybe its just all about those little things,
And in the end thats all that matters....

It's all about the little things in the end.

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