Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Walking with another

We had the tiniest talk,
But when I decided to take a walk,
With this guy you know,
All at once you start you show,
You mate yelled dont bother,
She walking with another,
But I say you better worry,
You'll see you get sorry,
Not for leaving me oh no,
But for watching me go,
I could ask you or give you a dare,
But who in this town would care,
What little you has to do?
For youre litlle and you'll stay,
For always this way,
Only because you dont make choises,
Always come up with those noises,
Yet never truly had the best intrest,
In anyones version of their best,
For cant reach yours,
But I'm done with ours,
We never where and we never will be, 
Anything else then you and me,
And what I want is a me and you,
If someday you feel the same,
You've got my number there is no shame,
In giving me a call,
As long as you save me a dangerous fall...
I really hope one day you'll call...

walking with happy thoughts 

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