I am a star

As we where driving our bikes home,
From a long high school day,
3 boys walked our way,
The blocked our bikes,
And laughed at me,
At my t-shirt,
It said "I am a star",
An they laughed saying,
If anyone ever knows youre name,
They should die of shame,
I reply as angry as I was,
That no on would know his ever,
And if they did they werent clever,
That in 30 year there would be no one,
Who would give a damn,
About his big loud opinion,
And that my words would be written somewhere,
That my name would be on paper,
And the 14th of september it will be,
For the first time then I will see,
My name in black on white, 
From there I will laugh,
Laugh like I never did before,
For I did it, 
I made my dream come true,
And youre still the same pathetic old you...

I am star, I'm a sky full of stars, and an universe full of secrets.

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