2 november or 17th august

It says 2 november now,
That one picture of you that I love,
The one when you were shopping,
I think it was with you're little brother,
The way you're curls stand up there,
And the sun shine that makes you close,
one of you're eyes a bit,
It's so cute 'n sweet,
It looked just like how you looked at me,
That sunday we went to a tiny town fest,
When you and me went to the ATM,
You told me some kinda funny story,
It made you laugh just like a little kid,
And to be truly honest,
I never even heard a word you said,
I just laughed and smile for I had the most,
Moest perfect view that sunday afternoon,
This is my thank you,
Stay beautiful, stay strong, stay true,
And I'll always love you,
Ever from since that day,
And the august 17th anyway...

choose between us.

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