Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I heard +chef special's "arms" last night,
I was laying in the bed,
With a pillow in my arms,
Sprayed you're perfume on it,
And as I was crying it was almost,
Almost as if you where there,
Next to me hold me and comforting,
A little sad girl...

But I need to face the facts,
You're no longer my nightingale,
You don't sing me to sleep,
Or save my tears when I wheep,
You left me alone,
When I needed you,
Need you now...

I was just listing to the words,
Hoping the might enlighten me,
Or in a strange and rare way make me see,
That you're no longer anything to,
Someone that once cared more,
Way more about you then anything else,

You were at my window last night,
And it's time for you to face the facts,
You weren't my nightingale,
Or sang me to sleep,
Saved the tears that I cried...
You left me all alone,
When I called out,
When I needed you...

You stand there outside my door,
But I'll slam it screaming in you're face,
And I know, Oh how I know,
That you'll need me now,
But it's the same old story,
With a different ending,
For I don't need you,
Don't need you now,
Nor ever anymore...

Now leave me alone like all,
All those nights before,
When I fell asleep waiting on the floor,
Walk on to someone else's,
Tell the world, Tell them now,
You lost the one thing in this world,
The one thing that loved you...
Who's gonna hold you now?
Who's gonna save you now?
I don't need you... now...

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