Can't hear without singing along...

I look at all our old friends,
They are all doing fine,
Yet were still unattained,
While you and I together could have contained,
All that people wish that remained,
Now that I am so far from you're bones,
I will lay you back down,
Hope the wind make take you,
That suddenly you get flown,
Right into my arms again,
And all will be turned around,
All our friends will look at us and laugh,
For they never experienced what we have...
The've never had a love like this,
And oh how they miss,
Thankfully ignorance is bliss,
And we'll just laugh along,
Because we now non of them will ever get,
What we got and never ever can forget,
Not even if we want to,
It's like our love is a song,
That you can't hear without singing along,
Yet you only sing it to me, and I for you alone,
Nobody see, hears, or understands these words,
Flowing from my heart,
I will never be able to part,
From the one who made the music start,
From you...


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