take me backwards

Won't you take me backwards,
For I wrote our little love story,
This skinny love of ours,
I put it on paper with the ink of my pen,
I don't have the courage yet,
But one day I will put this pen down,
Be brave when I look at it,
And go around and get around with this...
If you don't save me...
If you won't be my remedy,
It would be a tradegy,
But then this in these words I wrote,
Would be the only way to reach you...
I just can help myself but wonder,
If you would come then,
Would it be for me...?
Or just because of how far I've come...
For you've always been afraid or all,
All the chances that come from breaking,
And I won't want to be laid down,
I want someone to save me,
Even if I wont change,
Won't you be brave already,
For we both now words are empty air,
And written words aren't always fair....
So take me backwards,
To those pages in witch we smiled,
To where we were happy and in love,
Take me backwards please...?

take me backwards, to when we loved.

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