Monday, June 2, 2014

The power of youre words

My Mother accused me of losing my mind,
My father tried to assure me someday I would find,
My girlfriends told me its gonna be fine,
But nothing hurts more then the words you said to that heart of mine...
At school they say only few accomplisch in year one,
And that isn't even my biggest fear,
I fear you opinion more then anything,
Its a certain self respect for me that you're approval brings,
I never intented to be just another brick in the wall,
But you being so consending most certainly will keep me from standing tall...
Youre words van either build me or break me down in just a single second,
Youre opinion goes beyond,
Every other soul that is bound to mine,
So next time better think you can choose, 
Do you want to wear me down or see me shine?

now my feet cant touch the ground

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