Ever since I was five years old,
I already knew,
I had to get away,
Just I don't know... Someday,
Travel on a jet plane,
Or by one of those old busses,
Just keep going for miles and miles,
Until all I've ever known is far gone,
Until I am all alone,
Just so I can start over,
re-invent myself into someone new,
Become the one thing I always wanted be me,
Me without the influence of anyone or anything,
Just me as I was supposed to be,
And it stayed my wish for years and years,
Oh how I prayed to my God up there,
If he would please take care,
Of this big dream of mine,
And oh how I saved every single penny I had,
For this...
For breaking away of,
Of a town that's always the same,
Where nothing ever happens,
And no one really fits,
Thats filled with lies and secrets,
Yet then yesterday suddenly as I fell asleep,
In this kind of still awake yet already dreaming dream,
I saw myself in this little town,
As I was I think about 27,
And I was happy...
I was truly happy with a smile from ear to ear,
And you where also here,
We had a little baby in our arms,
And we lived in this house next to the mill,
And all our friends and family where there,
Oh it was a little girl called "Hannah",
And she was ours...
It was perfect absolutely perfect,
And finally I understood,
I don't need to run anymore or hide,
To somewhere far away,
For you I found myself and for you I would stay...

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