Cave out.

Last night,
There I went,
I let go,
Of all of my fear,
The weight of the world,
Seemed to disapear,
How enlighting,
To longer live,
With the walls,
Surrounding me,
Confined by no one else,
Then this heart of mine,
Little did I knew,
That without protecting,
Without my armour,
My precious soul,
Would be whole again,
My heart would remain,
Just as fine,
As it had always been mine,
It was never token,
Stolen or broken,
Just scared...
Now here I stand,
Not for I have no fears,
But for me, myself,
I challege me to,
Not fight,
Not to cave in,
But face my fears,
For that I must be,

No matter how small the chance,
No matter how weak your legs,
Just keep on walking,
Till you find your way back home.

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