Monday, July 27, 2015


Just sitting there,
With his hands,
Around the back,
Of my hair,
I felt so save,
If you ever feel,
As save as we where.

Just laying on the couch,
Watching our series,
I was laughing until,
My tummy hurts,
I wondered,
If you ever think,
Of the times,
We used to smile,
Hasn't been around for a while.

Adjusting to him,
Is like for the first time,
Taking a swim,
You think you'l drown,
You're a little scared,
But once you jump and fall,
You can feel yourself,
Starting to float,
And suddenly,
Everything is fine,
You don't even remember,
Why you where scared,
In the first place.

If you found,
Someone as well,
That made you forget,
How hard it was,
To believe in love,
At the last of our days.


I'm running trough the sky once again,
Remember when?
Picture taken by: +Martin Verduyn 

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