Do not save the changes.

The overreaction,
Is making me nervous,
Why would anyone,
Want to nose,
That much in m life,
Why is it at any's bother,
Where I do or don't,
Choose to smother,
I wonder what she would say,
If I was lurking the same way,
Yet what makes me more upset,
Is that he might have said,
Things that are untrue,
Cause truth be told,
There is not much I won't forgive,
Except I can not live,
With people who spill out,
My moments of weakness,
When I am so fragile,
As if they must confess,
What my name is about,
I will not tolerate,
That kind of crime,
Being used against this heart of mine.

No I don't. That sums up all.
No more spree of the moment,
No more wondering off.

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