Fold it.

Paper flower,
Pin it on,
Paper flower,
Just begon,
It won't swallow,
You all up,
It won't dry,
Of thirst,
It's not hungry,
Warm or cold,
But to be,
For ever hold,
Paper flower,
On the wall,
Peddles will not,
Paper wall,
Smells like you,
Paper flower folded,
By a hand,
That so softly,
Loves me,
Paper flower,
My paper heart.
All that I ask,
Is that you be,
When you touch me,
You might,
Cut your fingers,
When your too greedy,
Yet you might,
Torn me up,
Or crumble my,
Paper heart,
When you so mindless,
Forget that a heart,
Is to won over,
Part by part,
Before you finish,
For the long run,
Ask if your world,
Was or started,
To spun...
Only one can,
Fire this gun.
Paper hearts,
Don't do well,
When they dwell,
From being shot,
Then getting forgot.
Paper flower,
Made my paper heart,
Depart into yours.

My paper heart, Depart right into yours,
They fold perfectly into each other.

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