You told me,
Not so long ago,
That you divide,
Your life into,
Two time age's,
The one before me,
And the one,
After me,
Everyone else thinks,
That is was her,
That broke you,
That left you,
Lost and with the need,
To change.

Yet you said to me,
Last night,
"It was never her,
When I was with her,
I did not even knew,
What love was,
Yet when we collided,
I was so sure,
There is so much more,
Maybe I was mistaken,
By looking for it all around,
Don't you think Carmen,
Love was to be found,
When there was you and me,
When suddenly we could see,
As if we had been blind all our lives,
Was there not love,
When you showed me,
I am so much more,
Then what I lay out to store,
Was it not love,
When I told you,
I had no idea what I was feeling,
But I knew that I was believing,
Was that not love?
Cause if that is not love,
I want to feel again,
I don't know what love is..."

His life had been divided not in two,
But in three pieces,
Before me, when he was ignorant,
When he did not knew what was to love,
The second when he had left me,
He was alone again,
When he searched all around,
For something to combine with,
As if he was just an atom,
Waiting to form a pair,
And the third, when he was with me,
As we started out two crazy kids,
But we resonated into lovers,
When we where not ready to love,
Ourselves just as much as the other...
I divided his life into three pieces,
Just as he did,
To mine.

Perhaps we'll meet again when we're better for each other.

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