Pride & Loud.

I thought you where,
So I told you,
Little did I knew,
You had,
So much to say,
Little did I knew,
You had,
So much I had,
Descriped him to be,
Little did I knew,
A mistake,
Is so easy to make,
When you think,
What you thougth,
Might be the truth,
Oh how little,
Does anyone ever,
Even knows?
When there is,
So still all around,
Little do we know?
When there is no word,
That goes around,
To be coming around,
Right where it,
Can hit the wound,
Leave you to bleed on the ground,
Little did I knew,
You where,
More like then man I used to know,
And he is,
More like the stranger,
I walk by,
Silently hoping that he,
Won't see,
Me praying,
That he'll keep silent.

Cause nothing is real until you think it is. 

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