Look back ahead

As I look back in flashes,
Traveling down this road,
I look back ahead and realise,
It was only just a laugh,

For I walk home alone,
Now you no longer reply,
When there isn't even a hallo,
Let along a goodbye,

You havent told me lately,
What I came to see,
A replica to replace me,
While you still trace my be,

I know we dont speak no more,
But you promised me on the concreat floor,
That if I ever got hit by life, 
If words where cutting me like a knife,
That you'd be there...

But as I look back ahead,
I realise, 
It was only just a laugh,
Only just a joke,
Yet for me it was a dream to choke,
A broken heart shattered,
For the hurt says it mattered...

The truth is in the littles things, always.

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