Message by heart

Dear heart of yours,
I just wanted to let you know that...

My heart,
It used to be like glass,
Fragile and see trough,
But it got broken,
By the blows of life.

My heart,
You put it back together,
You fixed it, put the pieces in place,
Like a puzzle,
Slowly making the right moves,
To make it whole again.

My heart,
It's made of gold,
It was perfectly good,
Till you walked out of my life,
A stab in the heart with a knife,
I bleed tears of love.

My heart,
It doesn't knows what to do,
It remembers all of you, 
Somewhere it knows you'll be back,
But my heart is getting darker,
Alone almost black.

My heart,
It is my heart,
And I am going to take,
My innocent heart and turn it inside out,
There too much of you,
No more room left for anything else,
But from now on my heart works my plans, 
Inside out.

And no longer yours truly,
My heart.

Without love and kisses, sincerely and no longer
yours truly, My heart.

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