Friday, March 21, 2014

I love you, Idiot

I'll say it once,
Just once,
As you go,
So you'll always know,
It might be too late,
But they say,
Beter late then never right?
You'd asked me on a date this one time,
What is it you're hiding away?
Darling speak up,
Please say,
Now... There we go,

"I'm a warrior, Always was, Always will be...
I'll never speak till it's to late, I hate to admit I´m wrong, I´m stubborn, I really do still have that sweater you think is hideous for I really do like it, And I ment it when I said that I hate it when you wear that denim/jeans/like/pullover-thingy together with jeans, and that peach colored pants of yours I wish I could burn it, And I laugh about you all the time, You make me smile in a way that nobody else does, You make me do silly and stupid things and I don´t even know why...But everything is fun as long as you´re involved, You make me insecure and secure at the same time, All my daydreams are about you, Ever since you walked into my life I haven´t gotten no nightmares anymore, I wear color now, Even that yellow shirt, I don´t need heels anymore to feel attractive or hot, You'll stay my favorite distraction, And yes I really really do want to watch ever single disney movie with you, If you're ying, I will be yang, Or the other way around as long as we keep this perfect fit, I also drink that sweet strawberry morning childish drink yoghurt like you when you drive while clubbing now, 
And I love you, you Idiot! 
I love you,
Always have,
Always will!

There you are...
I said it once,
Better hold on to it,
Keep it somewhere save,
Cause this is all you gonna get,
For a decade...

I love you, Idiot....

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