You feel it

I used to believe that you would know when someone is the one, but thats nit treu, you dont know... You feel it, in every single part of youre body, you feel it.
You'be wiped my slate clean,
Lightend my darkness,
Pickes me up afther I fell,
Brushed the dirt from my soul,
And gleued the pieces of my heart,
And in all I felt, I didn't knew because of words you said, 
I felt it because youre actions spoke loud and clear to me,
Youre the only one, who always waits till I want to go home, who always eats breakfast at midnight with me, who Lets me dance with two left feet, who laughs at my jokes even though their awfull, who kisses my forehead, who makes me perfectly happy without doing anything.
Youre the only one, my everything, my reason.


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