Festival fever

This festival fever,
It always get me,
It hits me hard, 
When the sunshine start,
The hats and sunglasses come out,
Shaved legs and tan lines,
Love flings when kissing soft 'n quick,
The memories stick,
The pictures on my wall,
Of standing ten feet tall,
In the neon lights when I start to dance,
There is no need of making plans,
No thinking of tomorrow,
No sadness or sorrow,
Just music and me as magical as can be,
Tangled up together in the beat,
As I own the lead,
Starting with my feet,
Going up, up, up,
My soul in the sky,
So high, high, high,
Higher then the Eiffel tower,
Drums give me power,
Set me free, let me be,
And in that moment I'm infinite,
Against time I win it,
For a second I'm infinite,
When two worlds collide,
The earth stops spinning,
And I'm forever young,
In this festival fun,
Forever young.

I'll stay forever young within this festival fun.
-- at mumbai color fest 

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