Love is

Me, myself, I always thought,
That I was unable to love with my whole heart, soul and body,
But that last sunday and thursday I prooved myself wrong,
I can love with my everything,
More than you will ever know,
Cause love isn't shouting that I love you for the world to hear,
Love is holding youre hear back when you're drunk and sick,
Love is writing you a goodmorning note and make sure there is a spare key,
Love is making time free for you,
Love is smiling when his eyes meet yours,
Love is dancing your feet instead of floors,
Love is share my appetizer when I know you won't,
Love is choosing what you want even tough it's my time,
Love is walking you home to make sure you're fine,
Love is listening even when you speak goofy,
Love is picking you up once you've fallen,
Love is knowing the beat of you're heart by mind,
Love is knowing what you think without you speaking,
Love is saving the last egg for you,
Love isn't anything more or less,
Then two,
Love is me and you.

Love is me and you, I heart u.

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