A ring...

A ring,
It actually doesn't mean anything...
You can be married,
But do you feel marry?
Tell me,
I know doll face,
He doesn't treat you right,
He doesn't hold you at night,
He's never there,
So won't you come away with me?

A paper,
It really doesn't state anything...
It's no guarantee for a happy life,
Or a good ending to the story,
It only says that there is a story,
But you can divorce,
And make you're own life,
You're own thing without being,
"The wife..."

An old picture,
Of you and him,
White dress & black tie,
It's faded,
It's been put down,
Stuffed away behind other photo's,
Just admit,
You should be with me,
Even after all those years,
We could be together,
We should be,
Won't you my darling... leave him,
I pulled out a ring and said...
Won't you be mine...?

A ring, I pulled out a ring and said, won't you be mine?

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