Friday, March 21, 2014

She addicted to song lyrics

I'm addicted,
To the beat,
The drums,
The sound,
His voice,
Calling out for me,
This guitar here,
It spells out all,
It takes away fear,
I see everything clear,
High on the lyrics,
I start to feel,
My heart it is,
alive, beating again,
Last time was when...
I can't even remember then...
And the flood comes rushing in,
All I wanna do is sing, sing, sing,
Let the hate out and the music in,
Will you love me,
Even if you heard me listening,
To the saddest of sad,
To maria mena's suicide music?
Would you still love me,
When I listen to the fairytale,
Taylor swift music?
Would you love me,
For you are you're favorite songs,
And we share,
The red hot chilli peppers,
So I understand if you don't understand,
It's just that..
And then he whispered in my ear,
She's addicted to the song lyrics that,
Spell out her heart and soul,
And the way her lips move,
When she sings shy and soft,
It makes me fall in love even harder. ..

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