Monday, March 31, 2014

How dare you...

How dare you,
To take off with my trust,
To leave me there,
For some girl,
A must,
A desire of lust...

How dare you,
Ta talk to me like that,
To act this way,
asking about posts,
I put on internet,
Won't you forget...

How dare you,
To take off with all I ever was,
To leave me there,
With this burden to bare,
To know that you broke a perfectly good heart,
To know that you left a mark,
That will never fade,
And my next lover will be the one to find,
That I can never leave this behind...

How dare you?!
Was it that easy...
To leave me there,
Just to tell me things like,
And make promisses,
And just walk away,
Like it ment nothing,
Like we were nothing,
Like I,
Like I was nothing...

I wanted to text you, wrote this instead.

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