Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Can't help youself

Out here underneath the starlight,
In the dark and the cold,
Don't you know that midnight,
Ís darker when you're all alone...

In here underneath my blankets,
You could lay warm and safe,
If you and I could just be brave,
Because it's better when we're both here,

And I know that you know just as much,
As I do... And I know,
So shouldn't you know by know?
Shouldnt we learned somehow?
That there's no escaping love,
You can't help you'reself,
And you can't stop youreself,
Loving the on you love,
Dreaming who you're dreaming off....

So won't you come and shine my star,
Because it's almost midnight,
And it's darker when we lay alone...

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