Burden to bare

You said to me once,
That you wished you could help me,
Take some of my heavy wheighting burden away,
And carry it yourself,
So we would be leveld in life expirience, 
We would think in the same direction,
We would understand each other,
Cause al you ever wanted was to look inside my mind,
To look why I'm so crually kind,
But what did you aspect to find?
I cant leave my broken beautiful soul behind,
It's all I am, 
Every piece of me has made me...me,
And you should trust me and stop,
Stop this scavage hunt to look inside my head,
For it would only make you tear,
Listen to me my dear,
There's so much of me hidden and secret that you dont know,
Its for the better,
If we would split this damage to dragg,
You would be unable to move anymore,
You cant handel that,
So just let me be me and leave me be,
Maybe someday you will see,
The centered soul of me,

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