Page 6417 <><>

If life is a book,
A story to write,
Every day a brand new page,
To write,
Then you and I,
We would meet on page 6052,
You remember? 
Trying to persuate me to kiss you,
It was the first time a girl said no to you,
We left it there,
But we met again,
On page 6352 when,
We were both open to meet,
Someone that takes up the pen,
Weve celebrated my 6417th page together,
But sadly it seemed that on page 6460 we ended the chapter,
Yet then again here we are at page 6665 of mine and page 8165 of yours,
Our word choises still combine,
We still write in the same line,
Youre name comes up on every page,
In yours my voice still echo's,
Maybe that's the reality of love,
That you'll always stay in the others story,
No matter what you'll stay in the part.


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