Drunk drunk drunk

In late nights,
At the wrong time,
In the worst place,
With all those nasty looks,
You drink and drink and drink,
The blood in youre vains,
You poison it, 
You turn it to alcohol,
Youre getting drunk, drunk, drunk,
As you get wasted,
And you have to face it,
You call and run to me,
You lie to wake up at my house,
Promiss me it will be different,
But honest just for once sober,
As honest as when youre drunk,
Could you hold me?
Could you stay?
Or doesnt she knows yet...
That Ive got youre only heart,
You only love,
And she only has the remains,
Of the bodies we smash,
You cant stop two intercity trains,
You cant stop passion,
Neither awake or asleep,
Neither laugh or wheep,
Neither drunk or sober,
This love isn't over...


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