Change like the weather

Not so long ago you told me,
That you would never leave,
But you know,
People change like the weather,
Suddenly and all at once,
All reality and,
All I thought I see,
Changed from sunny bleu,
To grey raining avenue...

Not so long ago you told me,
It was just like before you and me,
But do you know,
It doesn't feel like you feel it,
Tell me that it isn't like is was before,
That you don't want me,
That it's over,
That you don't need me,
And I'll let you go,
I'll find someone else to paint my sky...

Not so long ago you told me,
That you'd be there for me,
But where are you tonight?
You could hold me,
Be my shoulder and make,
Everything allright,
But you're not here,
Nor at  my door,
I guess not just people,
But also life's change like the weather...

I'll let you go...

I'll take the road less traveled by, let you go,
life change life the weather.

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