Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Oh twenty tree and still growing up now,
Don't you think you should've known by now?
Don't you think you should've learned by now?
But don't worry you're sweet face, you precious mind,
I'll be the one to tell you,
You're looking for things that you will never find,
Now that you've lost you're ballance,
Don't you know that I can catch you,
I'll take you're hand,
I'll carry you through the night till you understand,
That the more that we look around,
The more you see,
All you ever wanted was me,
And all I really need is you,
And why would I give up you,
The one I need so bad,
For something for just a night,
Oh it would be so mad...
Now won't you take me by the hand,
I'm unstable, and unrelateable,
And I want you to understand,
That even if it can't,
And even if we don't have timing,
I still need you,
And I still want you,
And you do to,
I know,
I do,
I do,
I do...

Lost you're balance, lost you're mind trying to get it back

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