different universe

I've thought I saw it all in love,
But then you got send from above,
I've never knew that it could be like this,
The feeling I get when we kiss,
For the first time I get butterflies,
Doesn't matter what we do even when we eat fries,
I feel perfectly good,
Just you knew we would,
You always knew I was the one,
If you ever had to choose again,
You always knew,
I just never was the kind of girl,
To read between the lines,
I wave everything away with fines,
And still you knew,
That once you would speak the words,
It was just a matter of chords,
A matter of music beating in my heart,
A matter of time to let it start,
But time was never a issue for me this time,
It was you're imagination,
In the end it where the scars,
That drove us apart,
But babe don't you think so too,
That in another life,
Or at another time,
In another place,
In a different universe, space,
We could be together,
We could be happy,
We could be...
Oh what we couldn't be,
Someday in the future....

In a different life, or another universe, what we couldn't be... maybe.

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