One more night

If I had one more night with you,
I've thought about that,
A lot,
what would I do?
Would I kiss you till morning dawn,
Or rather share secrets under the blankets,
Wrap myself around you and just listen to you're sleep,
Maybe we talk over everything we been trough till we both wheep,
But I think,
I really think,
I would say that one night,
All I wished I said last week,
... I saw you're favorite cartoon and laughed my ass of,
... I saw you're mom in the grocery store, and she was so sweet,
... I walked by the spot were we had our fist date,
... Oh my my and the spot were we had this stupid should or shouldn't we kiss thing,
... I met one of our old friends from back then, and we laughed about when,
... I reminisce all the time, remember the tied shoe line?!
....I went to see drift the movie with my little brother last week, better then you said it would be,
... I really did listen to you when I said I didn't cause I went writing this,
... I passed my course you know!
... Have you ever tried Jack Daniels and fristi?
... Did you find back the key from you're bike?
... How did you're football match sunday become so sloppy? Is everything okay?
And then once we've talked all night I would just watch,
Watch you,
Watch you watching me,
And laugh,
For it would be a wonderful moment.

If we had one last night in unchanged light... I might say it all.

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