Wednesday, March 12, 2014


In this little old corny cafe,
Almost an cave of ancient lovers memories,
I saw his silhouette trough the curtains,
His firm body and his chaotic curls,
He was working on some kind of chore,
And I just stood there watching,
Enjoying that he was my view,
I laughed out loud out of happiness,
and out of joy,
It was as if I've lived my entire life,
Just all for the laughter and joy of that moment,
A little small moment,
And I guess it was kinda silly or weird,
For you asked in a strangely sounding voice,
Are you laughing at me?
You were already offend,
Yet when I told I wasn't laughing at you,
But because of you, just you,
And all these things you do,
It what you do to me,
You make me smile, laugh, you make me sing again,
You make me whole,
That you started to laugh too,
Us two there on the front porch laughing out loud,
When their was only us to laugh about,
That's one of the golden memories,
Ingrained in my heart and soul,
I wear it like a tattoo,
Yes, Like a tattoo, I do, I do, I do...

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