Please try to stay this simple...

No one's ever hurt you,
Nothing ever left you burned,
No hard life lessons learned,
No one ever deserted you,
And I prayed that you could stay this simple,
That you could alway be a little little,
And you could stay a childish laughing man,
For you never really ever had to grow up,
But it isn't that easy,
I can't let you not live just so nobody hurts you,
I can't keep you away from sparks and fire,
I can't let keep you locked inside my save arm,
I can't promise that you will never get scarred...
But I will pray asking if you might stay this simple,
That you'll always be a little little,
That you could stay this bit childish man,
The one who always makes me laugh,
And fears nothing because he has nothing to be afraid of,
Please just please try to never grow up,
Try to stay this little, this easy, this innocent...

Please stay this simple...

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