Wednesday, March 19, 2014


She's the wife and im the muse,
She's the girl and im the friend,
She's the giggle and im the laugh,
She's the lips and im the taste,
She's the colliflower and im the bean,
She's the one always seen,
Im only a photo in a walled,
Yet she's the past,
She get the ring with the star,
And I an eyelash,
She get the roses,
And I the dandlions,
And oh how I wish on every eyelash and dandlion I get that you'll one day be mine,
One day takes too much time,
Won't you cut the strings and brakenthe bridges or just make you mine?
Dont be scared to dissapoint me,
I wouldn't choose me eather,
And you know what,
Me, myself and time, we will always be fine, we might not be okay but always fine.

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