let you love you

He said "You're heartless..."
"You're cold"...
But didn't he knew,
That al that are heartless,
Once cared to much,
There heartless not because they don't care,
But because their heart got ripped out,
ripped out by someone they loved more then their selfs,
So they wont ask it back,
They have to find someone who's willing,
Willing to share their heart with them,
So maybe he was the cold one,
For not loving me enough to see,
That I never asked him to love me,
I only tried to make him love himself,
For you can't love someone else,
If you don't love yourself,
All I ever wanted was for him to love himself,
I can't make him love me if he doesn't,
But I can give his heart a spark,
To light his life, For only one,


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