Tuesday, August 25, 2015


2:30 in the morning,
Wind is blowing,
I ask myself,
"Why are you still awake?"
An answer does not call,
No more sheep to count,
Or thoughts to resolve,
No more graces to pray,
Or prices to pay,
What merely bothers,
Is that my eyes will not close.
The slightest change of pitch,
In the song of the wind,
The littlest shimmer of darkness,
Makes me energetic,
Oh if only I where tired,
How can one even be...
Awake at a time like this,
Without being lonely, in love,
Brokenhearted, or all of them combined?
Maybe the problem lays,
Within my soul so eager,
To obtain more and more,
Of this world I suddenly see,
In brand new light.
I can not get enough,
From this rush of new thoughts,
The chemicals in my bloodstream,
I feel them, burning me up,
Catch upon my heart,
If only I could fall asleep,
But tomorrow never comes,
Easy when you want,
Or late when you desire,
Morning falls, when the sun rises,
And I can tell you know,
At 2:30 in the morning,
Darkness is your only friend,
If tomorrow won't come,
Then I'll be doomed,
To be drunk forever,
To dream of sleeping,
Instead of sleep to dream.
If tomorrow won't ever come,
Won't ever come.

If only you where, imagine the dreams I'd have.

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