Monday, August 31, 2015

Without my words

Odd thing is,
Even now,
That I do not,
At all,
Want to write,
I do,
Of what I think,
Or feel,
I'll have to,
Write the words,
In order to,
Make peace,
With these thoughts,
You ask me,
If I still write,
For me,
That is funny,
That's not a question,
I do not ask you,
Do you still breathe?
The words on paper,
The sentence that rolls,
Rhyming and re-arranging,
Is living to me,
To ask me,
If I still write,
Is to ask if I still live,
For I can not imagine,
To go a day,
Without my words.

Sometimes, I do think, Sometimes I think I have a problem,
I think I think too much...

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