Welcomed into speechlessness.

Oh how I am welcomed,
Now a days...

It should have been,
Such a treat,
As I always imagined,
Yes it is,

Yet this thought,
Keeps clinging on,
As a wine stain,
On a wedding dress.

After all these years,
Why is it okay?
For me to be,
So different.

How come,
There was no one,
To welcome me,
When I was born,
When I needed a friend,
When I was...
So alone.

They all use,
My oh so beloved words,
Little do they know,
Just how much more,
I love their words,
Then I love thy...

For words where all,
That was there for me,
That kept me alive,
That held me,
That cared for me,
In my darkest nights,
When no one else was,
Words where there for me.

It was never poetic, I choose to become a poet,
You never made me, You just weren't that deep. 

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