Live now

Sat and heard the city rumble,
Surrounded by sound,
I found silence,
In the screams and sirenes,
That piece trought dreams,
And make up for lost scenes.

Sat and watched the city crumble,
Drowning in movement,
My feet got caugh up,
On the pace of the flow,
Giving my cheeks,
A little blush and my eyes,
A glow.

Sat and saw how people stumble,
Life is not half as fair,
As they paint it to be,
Yet life is not half as beautiful,
As I could discripe,
These contradictions,
Make for thoughts in fractions,
Keeping it so clear,
You dont live only once,
You live forever in the now,
If you just allow,
To let life happen.

"Live everyday like your first and your last"

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