Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fall I did.

It would even,
Stick to my,
Frontal brain lobe,
I can't tell...
But it surely did.
He told me,
Not too long ago,

"That is't so obvious,
For everyone to read,
Off off me,
That words are my heart,
Words are my soul,
I am words at whole,
Which makes people,
To see easily,
Words can be used,
As weapon on you,
You can bring you down,
When you want to,
Or you can choose,
To say words of use,
So want to get willingly abused,
By a part time lover,
It will only take a few words,
To either let me,
Fly or fall."

And fall I did.

Maybe your different then I thought,
Maybe you aren't loops but flakes. 

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