Saturday, May 21, 2016


Washing from shore,
With borrowed shampoo,
Only light shining,
The emergency exit,
That was opened,
All too many times before,
Just don't do it,
Stay in this place for once,
Do not let the wind blow,
Your glow in the dark,
Into the next grave,
Toothbrush losing Hair,
In the same distress,
Thicking time bomb,
When will my voice,
Taste in your mouth as chewing gum,
Waiting to be trown,
As the trash,
That you bash my head for,
Hooded by the hoodie,
Of the last man,
That granted me a goodie bag,
Waiting for another to snap,
Washing my hands,
Innocente drifting from shore,
Clinging on to borrowed shampoo.

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