Her body on top of me,
Mind far below,
Head never moved,
Stayed on my shoulder,
She falls in love with strangers,
Forgets about the danger,
Of ending up in an unknown bed,
See her wondering,
Her eyes move across my body,
Where has she been?
Tired eyes, with shopping bags,
Too full, almost ready to snap,
Her skin shows she has been,
Eating all too less,
I asked her,
"Where your from?"
She does not know,
Christmas eve,
I asked her,
"Are you going to your family tomorrow?"
She breaks eye contact,
Merely wisphers,
"I have no family,
Aimless without a home,
Sometimes I find a piece,
Of the home I long for in distant memories,
On a strangers shoulder..."
She seduced me,
To cure her homesickness,
Her body fled my house in the morning,
Mind far flown,
Never anyone had moved my head,
Yet hers,
Stayed on top of my shoulder.

Missing it all. 

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