And just like that...

And just like that,
We gave up,
We walked  out of each others life's,
We no longer talked for hours,
Or saw echt other every day,
The traditions became memories,
And our family's grew apart,
Just like that,
We decided that this was not for us,
That it should be different,
We forgot what is so hard not to remember,
Just like that,
We became strangers,
Acting like the other did not exist,
Like we did not knew the other half,
Was so close within reach,
Just pretending not to regret,
What we've never said,
When you and I both now,
That we where not supposed,
To end this way...
I would've never thought we'd end this way,
And just like that,
It happend.

I act like I don't care, but deep down I swear it kills me.

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