One more reason

There is this silly thing I do,
I keep on going back to you,
Now that you have vanished,
From my life,
And I no longer meet you in person,
I still talk to you,
Every single day inside my head,
I tell you all about my day,
About the children and my laughs,
But most of all about these little things,
That had reminded me of you today,
About the macdonalds glass on my desk,
Or that life of Pi will be on telly tomorrow,
Or even the fact that I keep on scrolling,
Trough my picture roll in my phone,
Just to find that on picture of you and I,
On the 13th of July,
When you worn that jacket not yours,
When we hit the floors,
Midnight dancing and kissing till dawn,
If you's only known,
That I still love you like I did then.

One more reason why we should date again, I can make myself laugh.

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