Saturday, January 24, 2015

Unspoken but broken

You asked me...
"Do you have anything?
Anthing at all to say to me...
It's the last time,
Anything at all before I go?"
I wanted to tell you that,
I loved you,
Needed you,
Wished to be yours,
Would do anything,
Go for infinity and beyond,
And it still would be,
Like we didn't had enough time,
I wanted to spill my heart out to you,
Say everything I kept in,
But all I could think was...
You left me alone,
You left me all alone.
So my mouth just spoke to you,
And went all like,
"If you're asking me then I do not,
But maybe if you had not,
Maybe if you yourself said something...?"
But you did not spoke,
And me neither,
Now we are...
Broken our hearts are broken,
By words left unspoken.

I wanted to hear things like love instead of sorry,

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