Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Only knew

Maybe I should play in a tv show,
For I apperently have a mask,
A role I play so well,
That there is no on who can tell,
That I am breaking down,
My inside is caving,
I am not what you see,
Not the vision you have of me,
They are jelous of my confidence,
When all that I have,
Is the shattered pieces,
Of the secure girl I once saw,
When I looked in the mirror,
I don't even recognize me anymore,
But whenever I walk out that door,
I'll put my smile one,
Pretend I wear a crown,
Walk up strait,
Look ahead think of breaking free,
When they all,
Wished they where me,
If they only knew...
If they only knew...
I pretend to be happy so much,
I keep on telling everyone,
How fine I am so determined,
That I almost believe it myself,
Until I am alone,
If they only knew.

If they only knew,
"You only know a part of me,
I am a universe full of secrets"
Drawing made my me :)

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