Wednesday, January 28, 2015


He told me,
Why'd he had to talk,
The first time we've met,
How not only my smile,
But also my eyes where filled,
With joy and laugher,
The stars danced inside my orbit,
Shimmering in the light,
Singing loudly along to the music,
Dancing and spinning around,
A girl showing of her brand new dress,
Chatting about things we do not understand,
But she's talking in this moment he lend,
No one would mind her rambling on,
Or laughing about the song
Cause it looked as if,
She was the happiest girl,
In this wide wide world...
And I wondered,
What it would be like,
If I ever where...
Cause we all know,
That the one's who's smiles,
Are brighter then the sun,
Are the girls trying to outshine,
The shadows they are living in...
Pretending to be happier.
You told me,
Yet I did not knew,
The girl you talked about...

I can not remember who you paint me to be,
But if I where to pick a moment where  might have been,
This would be the one.

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