Friday, January 2, 2015


We had our second fight,
What made me wonder how we made up last time?
And I just couldn't figure it out,
Like I think it was in december,
If I correctly remember,
And then we just moved on,
At least I thought but I guess I was wrong,
Its not like You can just stop loving,
Or care for someone,
We didn't even realised how not over this we were,
Till we met again that day there,
The sparks flew again like before,
And together we walked out the door,
You knew deep down I could resist if you offered more,
So I took you home laid my heart to rest,
But you're words and my heart are a combination distressed,
You broke it over an over,
How could I believe once again you could become my lover?
Maybe you knew or saw it in my eyes,
That I believe in you as kid believe in santa,
Like something magical, holy, untouchable,
And now its more like unthinkable,
You and I so unbreakable and at the same time also unthinkable...

It is so unthinkable that one day everything between us can be
different from what it is now and good at the same time,
Cause I don't want to live a life that you're not part of. 

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