Friday, November 27, 2015


Tears stream,
Down my face,
Fon't worry mom,
You'll be walking,
In grace,
Talking about,
How life,
Never got you a blaze,
Yet don't ever think,
That once,
I'll be gone,
One day,
I'll come back,
To be abused,
One more time,
Don't think,
I am addicted,
To your smothering,
Words trying to suck,
The last fight out of me,
Cause I still got,
A hell of a lot,
More light left,
Then you've ever had,
Tears stream,
Down my face,
As I decide,
You are her,
You are grandma,
Welcome yourself nothing,
Cause if you ain't give,
you ain't getting.

You just stay the same,
Believe you don't need to change,
Get chained to the i-pad,
To the screen,
But don't ever dare to dream,
You've done anything for us,
With the earbuds in when we scream,
You are not there next to me,
When I walk up the stage,
I don't want to share,
With someone who doesn't care.

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